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Sword Bible - Special Margin Edition
with Index Thumb Tabs

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Color: Burgundy
Size: 7 5/8 x 9 1/2 x 1 3/4

If you are looking for a Bible, this is one of the best you will find anywhere. The Sword Bible text is based upon the beloved 1611 King James Version with many additional features and tools to aid you in your quest for a deeper knowledge of the truth and the way of God. How does the Sword Bible differ from other Bibles?

  • Red Letter Spoken Word Highlights Throughout the Bible

  • Special Margin Study Guide

  • Difficult Term Definitions

  • Introductions and outlines of each book

  • A mini-library of special features

  • Historical outlines

In addition, you will also appreciate its other features:

  • Large Print

  • Handcrafted

  • Index Thumb Tabs

  • Genuine Bonded Leather Cover

  • Gold Gilded Edge

  • Ribbon Page Marker

Red Letter Spoken Word Highlights Index Thumb Tabs Guilded Edge

The Received Text
Another primary difference between the King James Bible and other versions on the market is it follows the Received Text. The Received Text is what the church fathers have used for nearly 400 years.

Red Letter Old and New Testament
A feature that is unique to this Bible is a Red Letter Old Testament as well as a Red Letter New Testament. Wherever God speaks in the Bible, the letters are in red.

Special Margin Study Guide
This Bible has a unique easy to use margin study guide with over 90 topics from which to choose. This margin study guide allows the reader to go from cover-to-cover using the pure word of God as their study.

Large Print
This Bible has significantly larger text than the similar sized bibles.

Difficult Term Definitions
Underlined words are defined at the end of the verse in a different typeface. The explanatory words are not necessarily to be understood as alternate translations, nor as corrective translations. These words, however, will often open up the meaning of a word or verse that often has been otherwise not understood or misunderstood.

Read the introduction of the Sword Bible from the publisher.

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