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John S. Torell

April 4, 2004

In order to understand the activities during the following days, the Jewish day started and ended at six o'clock in the evening which is different from ours which starts and ends at midnight. However, their daytime began at six o'clock in the morning and it was referred to as the "first hour".

Jesus rides into Jerusalem Matthew 21:1-11
He cleansed the temple verses 12-13
He healed the sick verses 14-16
In the evening He went back to Bethany (2 miles east of Jerusalem on the east slope of Olivet)

In the morning He cursed the fig tree Mark 11:12-14
The rest of the day was spent in the temple teaching:
        The authority of Jesus Matthew 21:23-27

        The two sons verses 28-32
        The wicked tenants verses 33-46
        The marriage feast Matthew 22:1-14
        The tax question verses 15-22
        The resurrection verses 23-33
        The great commandment verses 34-40
        About David's son verses 41-46
        Woes against the Pharisees Matthew 23:1-36
Leaving the temple, Jesus outlined the future Matthew 24:1-39

        The ten virgins Matthew 25:1-13
        The talents verses 14-30
        The coming judgment verses 31-46
Judas contacts the authorities Matthew 26:14-16

Discovery of the withered fig tree Mark 11:20-26
Back to Jerusalem and the Passover meal Matthew 26:17-19

Jesus did not do any public teaching this day.

In the evening, the Passover meal Luke 22:13-20
Jesus exposed Judas Matthew 26:21-25
Late that night, they went to Gethsemane verses 30-36
The battle intensified for Jesus verses 37-46
During the night Jesus was arrested verses 47-56
Jesus was taken to the court of the Jews verses 57-68
The denial of Peter verses 69-75

At 6:00 A.M. Jesus was taken to Pilate Matthew 27:1-2
Judas commits suicide verses 3-10
That morning Jesus is tried in the Roman court verses 11-25
Mid-morning Jesus was sentenced and whipped verses 26-32
At 12:00 P.M. He was crucified verses 33-45
At 3:00 P.M. Jesus died on the cross verses 46-51
Jesus declares, "It is finished!" John 19:30
Jesus was buried Matthew 27:57-60

To be continued...

Isn't "Easter" in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation?
Why does it only appear once in the King James Bible?
Does the Bible mistranslate the word "Easter" in Acts 12:4?

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