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John S. Torell

February 15, 2004

The greatest gift that God can give a man or a woman is the Gift of Repentance. John 16:7-15

This is why the apostle Paul warns the believers not to grieve the Holy Spirit! Ephesians 4:30

Unless God draws a man to himself by the Holy Spirit, there can be no salvation. John 6:44 and 65

In order to understand what sin is, we must come to understand that man cannot declare what is sin or not, we have to look to God and accept his commandments, which declare what sin is. The major declaration from God is found in the Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:1-17

Jesus expanded the Ten Commandments and took them to a deeper level, as is written down for example in Matthew 5:17-48

The apostle Paul built upon this foundation, and enlarged our understanding of sin, by giving us the writings in Romans 1:15-32 and Ephesians 4:20-32; 5:1-16

Most Christians have their own "sin list" according to their lifestyle! That this "sin list" might not agree with Godís "sin list," does not bother them too much!

  • The cannibal cannot not understand that eating human flesh is sin!
  • The smoker cannot understand that smoking is a sin!
  • The alcoholic cannot understand that drinking alcohol is a sin!
  • The drug addict cannot understand that using drugs is a sin!
  • The pedophile cannot understand whatís wrong with having sex with children
  • This holds true for persons addicted to pornography, rape, sadomasochism, homosexuality, witchcraft, TV, movies, gambling, fornication, adultery, etc.

In 455 B.C. God spoke through the prophet Malachi, and told Israel what God thought of people creating their own "sin list." Malachi chapters one and two.

Jesus demands a total surrender - Matthew 6:24;10:32-39; 19:27-30

Of some 30,000 people who followed Jesus before his death on the cross, only 120 understood his teaching and surrendered all. Matthew 13:1-23

Do you have an ear to hear with?

To be continued...

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