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John S. Torell

November 16, 2003


In order for us to understand what a true revival is, we must begin by asking two questions?

1. Are you willing to be corrected? Proverbs 9:6-12
2. Are you hot or lukewarm? Revelation 3:14-19
Is anger getting the best of you? Matthew 5:1-12

We are exhorted to be like minded with Christ - Philippians 2:1-5
Have you left your first love? Revelation 2:1-7
Do you really love Jesus? John 14:15

King Solomon died a Satan worshiper - I Kings 11:1-9 
(Reigned for 40 years, son of David)
King Rehoboam allowed sodomites to operate at the temple in Jerusalem 
(Reigned for 17 years, grandson of David, third generation)
King Abijam was a wicked king, married 14 wives
(Reigned for 3 years, great grandson of David, fourth generation)
King Asa started with God, but ended his life as an evil man
(Reigned for 41 years, fifth generation after king David)
King Jehoshaphat started out great, and died as a fool
(Reigned for 25 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Jehoram was a wicked king from his first day in office
(Reigned for 8 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Ahaziah was a wicked king
(Reigned for one year, seventh generation after king David)
King Joash did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 40 years, eight generation after king David)
King Amaziah did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 29 years, ninth generation after king David)
King Uzziah started with God and ended with the Devil
(Reigned for 52 years, tenth generation after king David
King Jotham did not understand Godís holiness
((Reigned for 16 years, eleventh generation after king David)
King Ahaz became a very evil king, leading the people into gross sin
(Reigned for 16 years, twelfth generation after king David)


King Hezekiah - Thirteen generations after king David (295 years after king David)

Hezekiah was the thirteenth king after David and he reigned for 29 years.

After 295 years of idolatry in various degrees most people living in Judah were educated in worship of Baal and were used to all customs and traditions of idolatry. King Ahaz had been one of the most evil men ruling in Jerusalem. According to human intelligence, Hezekiah should have followed in his fatherís foot step, but he did not! Why? As soon as he became king, he began the reformation in Judah. This tells us, that someone had educated him as a child and a young man in the ways of the Lord. In II Chronicles 29:25 we can see that Hezekiah had studied the writings concerning King David and the two prophets who served David, Gad and Nathan!

What we should learn from this is, that when a young person is led to a personal relationship and educated in the commandments of God, there will be fruit: Isaiah 55:6-13

Add to this the prayer, crying and agony of the prophet Isaiah, and these are the ingredients for a revival. James 5:13-18

  • As soon as Hezekiah ascended the throne as king, he began his reformation: II Kings 18:1-4
  • To be able to carry this out, he had to build a team! II Chronicles 29:2-4
  • The team was then told - sanctify yourself - you must repent : verses 5-6
  • The team is told what had been done wrong and why the judgment from God: verses 7-9
  • Then Hezekiah shares what is in his heart: verses 10-11
  • The men in the priest line responded, and agreed to seek the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with all their hearts: verses 12-19

Take note that King Hezekiah began building Godís team with the Levites, the priests! Every believer in Christ holds two offices in the kingdom of God, AS KINGS AND PRIESTS! Revelation 1:1-6; I Peter 2:1-10

Once the spiritual leadership was lined up with God, Hezekiah added the political rulers to Godís team - then the common people. It ended with a mighty worship service and a new dedication to the Lord Almighty. II Chronicles 29:20-36

  • Now Hezekiah extended the revival to the Ten Northern Tribes: II Chronicles 30:1-9
  • Some of the Israelites made fun of the king of Judah: verse10
  • But others came: verse 11
  • Notice: God gave some of them the gift of repentance! verse 12
  • Compare this with John 6:44; 65
  • Things were cleaned up and the hearts of the people were turned toward God! verses 13-20
  • As a result, there was great joy in the hearts of the people, as they were cleansed from their sins and able to fellowship with the living God! verses 21-27
  • Now it was time for the common people to destroy all their idols: II Chronicles 31:1-2
  • King Hezekiah destroyed the most sacred object in all of Jerusalem, THE SERPENT! II Kings 18:4

Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, he clave unto the Lord, and he was obedient to the Word of God! WHAT ABOUT YOU? II Kings 18:5-7

Do you have an ear to hear with?

To be continued ...

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