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John S. Torell

November 9, 2003


In order for us to understand what a true revival is, we must begin by asking two questions?

1. Are you willing to be corrected? Proverbs 9:6-12
2. Are you hot or lukewarm? Revelation 3:14-19
Is anger getting the best of you? Matthew 5:1-12

We are exhorted to be like minded with Christ - Philippians 2:1-5
Have you left your first love? Revelation 2:1-7
Do you really love Jesus? John 14:15

King Solomon died a Satan worshiper - I Kings 11:1-9 
(Reigned for 40 years, son of David)
King Rehoboam allowed sodomites to operate at the temple in Jerusalem 
(Reigned for 17 years, grandson of David, third generation)
King Abijam was a wicked king, married 14 wives
(Reigned for 3 years, great grandson of David, fourth generation)
King Asa started with God, but ended his life as an evil man
(Reigned for 41 years, fifth generation after king David)
King Jehoshaphat started out great, and died as a fool
(Reigned for 25 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Jehoram was a vicked king from his first day in office
(Reigned for 8 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Ahaziah was a wicked king
(Reigned for one year, seventh generation after king David)
King Joash did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 40 years, eight generation after king David)
King Amaziah did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 29 years, ninth generation after king David)
King Uzziah started with God and ended with the Devil
(Reigned for 52 years, tenth generation after king David
King Jotham did not understand God’s holiness
((Reigned for 16 years, eleventh generation after king David)


King Ahaz - Twelfth generation of king David (279 years after king David)

The king was the twelfth king after David and he reigned for 16 years. Ahaz was 20 years old, when he began to reign as a king.

From the very beginning he started out wrong - II Chronicles 28:1

Instead of serving the living God, Ahaz opted for demon gods and brought not only sin and judgment on himself, but also on the people of Judah - II Chronicles 28:2-4

Children were sacrificed to the cruel demon god Moloch, and the temple prostitutes were busy seducing the men and the boys - II Kings 16:1-4

The first judgment of God fell upon Judah - II Chronicles 28:5-7

God spoke through his prophet and the captives were returned to Judah - verses 8-15

Note: The leadership in Israel acknowledged their sins against God, but was only willing to repent of CERTAIN PARTS OF THE SINS!

King Ahaz now committed another sin, instead of repenting and turning to God, he turned to Satan, the world and the flesh - verses 16-19

The Devil will give some relief, but in the end, relief is turned into pain! verses 20-21

Ahaz had to pay the Devil with the gold and silver belonging to the Lord, and then he traveled to the center of Satan worship of that day, and was snared and brought the abomination back to Jerusalem and set it up in God’s Temple. II Kings 16:7-18

Once Ahaz had embarked on the road to destruction, he had no desire to turn back to God, instead he sank deeper and deeper into sin - II Chronicles 28:22-25

Ahaz died in the prime of his life and went into eternity. He has now been burning in hell for some 2,500 years and all he can look forward to is a more terrible burning and punishment in the Lake of Fire forever and ever! verses 26-27

Lesson to learn for us today:

Consistency is a weak area in the human race. Men and women have no problems being consistent in their sin life, but the believer in Christ has a hard time to stay with Jesus and finish the walk with God in victory!

Two examples:

Billy Graham and Jack van Impe. Both started as firebrands for the Lord and blazed a clear hot burning trail in their youth, leading men and women to a saving knowledge of Christ. Both men have in their old age renounced their strong stand on the Gospel and turned to fables and hot air. Compare this with the apostle Paul - II Timothy 4:1-8

Do you have an ear to hear with?

To be continued ...

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