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John S. Torell

October 19, 2003


In order for us to understand what a true revival is, we must begin by asking two questions?

1. Are you willing to be corrected? Proverbs 9:6-12
2. Are you hot or lukewarm? Revelation 3:14-19
Is anger getting the best of you? Matthew 5:1-12

We are exhorted to be like minded with Christ - Philippians 2:1-5
Have you left your first love? Revelation 2:1-7
Do you really love Jesus? John 14:15

King Solomon died a Satan worshiper - I Kings 11:1-9 
(Reigned for 40 years, son of David)
King Rehoboam allowed sodomites to operate at the temple in Jerusalem 
(Reigned for 17 years, grandson of David, third generation)
King Abijam was a wicked king, married 14 wives
(Reigned for 3 years, great grandson of David, fourth generation)
King Asa started with God, but ended his life as an evil man
(Reigned for 41 years, fifth generation after king David)
King Jehoshaphat started out great, and died as a fool
(Reigned for 25 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Jehoram was a vicked king from his first day in office
(Reigned for 8 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Ahaziah was a wicked king
(Reigned for one year, seventh generation after king David)
King Joash did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 40 years, eight generation after king David)
King Amaziah did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 29 years, ninth generation after king David)


KING AZARIAH OR UZZIAH - Tenth generation of king David (211 years after king David). The king was the tenth king after king David and he reigned for 52 years.

Uzziah began as a "child" king, being only 16 years old when he was made king. It must have been painful for him to know, that his father had been slain by his own people. II Chronicles 26:1-3

He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but the idolatry of the people was never rooted out - verse 4
As long as he was seeking God, the king prospered - verse 5
He was a good military leader - verses 6-15
But he could not take being successful and he fell into sin - verse 16
When he was confronted by the high priest, he became angry - verses 17-19
The judgment of God fell on him, and he became a leper, and his son became the regent - verses 20-23

KING JOTHAM - Eleventh generation of king David (263 years after king David)

The king was the eleventh king after king David and he reigned for 16 years.

Jotham had learned two lessons from the reign of his father, do what is right in the sight of the Lord and do not trespass and try to take over the office of the high priest. II Chronicles 27:1-2
But when it came to holiness, he was as weak as previous kings, the common people in Judah still worshiped idols and burned incense to demon gods. II Kings 15:35
He was successful in religion and built the high gate of the temple and he also built public buildings in the city of Jerusalem. By having a large building program for the rest of the nation, he kept men working and the economy prospered
II Chronicles 27:3-4
He used his military force smarter than many other kings, he only took on the Ammonites and then taxed them heavily - verse 5
Jotham became powerful politically and military as a king, since he knew that he had to toe the line before the Lord. But he failed to lead the people into a personal walk with God, neither was he able to lead them out of idolatry. When Jotham died, he had nothing to bring with him into eternity, all his achievements were left on earth to be burnt. Verses 6-9; I Corinthians 3:11-15


The prophet Isaiah began his work during the reign of king Uzziah. God gave a message to that generation, which is still valid today - Repent! Isaiah 1:1-20

To him that has an ear, let him hear!

To be continued...

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