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John S. Torell

October 12, 2003


In order for us to understand what a true revival is, we must begin by asking two questions?

1. Are you willing to be corrected? Proverbs 9:6-12
2. Are you hot or lukewarm?
Revelation 3:14-19
3. Is anger getting the best of you? Matthew 5:1-12

We are exhorted to be like minded with Christ - Philippians 2:1-5
Have you left your first love? Revelation 2:1-7
Do you really love Jesus?
John 14:15

King Solomon died a Satan worshiper - I Kings 11:1-9 
(Reigned for 40 years, son of David)
King Rehoboam allowed sodomites to operate at the temple in Jerusalem 
(Reigned for 17 years, grandson of David, third generation)
King Abijam was a wicked king, married 14 wives
(Reigned for 3 years, great grandson of David, fourth generation)
King Asa started with God, but ended his life as an evil man
(Reigned for 41 years, fifth generation after king David)
King Jehoshaphat started out great, and died as a fool
(Reigned for 25 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Jehoram was a vicked king from his first day in office
(Reigned for 8 years, sixth generation after king David)
King Ahaziah was a wicked king
(Reigned for one year, seventh generation after king David)
King Joash did not have a perfect heart
(Reigned for 40 years, eight generation after king David)


King Amaziah - Ninth generation of king David (182 years after king David).

This king was the ninth king in Jerusalem after king David and he reigned for 29 years. But from the very beginning he had a great flaw - he did not have a perfect heart! II Chronicles 25:1-2

Once he had consolidated his political power over Jerusalem, he ordered the men executed who had murdered his father - verses 3-4
He was a militant king, and built up his army, and included foreign troops to make his military force stronger -
verses 5-6
God sent a prophet and warned him, and he took heed to the warning verses 7-10
Then he went on the attack - verse 11
But now the dark side of Amaziah came forth, the brutal murder of his prisoners of war - verse 12
Now judgment began to fall on Judah, when the offended foreign soldiers looted the cities of Judah - verse 13
The true character of Amaziah came out in the open, he started to worship gods of wood and stones, with a reprobate heart - verse 14
A prophet from God was dispatched and judgment was pronounced - verses 15-16
With a reprobate mind, king Amaziah now wanted to wage war against the king of Israel, and he challenged the king of Israel - verses 17-19
The king of Israel was gracious and asked Amaziah why he should do this hurt to himself, but to no avail, God had blinded him with deception - verse 20
Amaziah was humiliated, but was allowed to live - verses 21-25
Finally, the king was hunted down like an animal and murdered - verses 25-28


The prophet Isaiah began his work during the reign of king Uzziah. God gave a message to that generation, which is still valid today - Repent! Isaiah 1:1-20

To him that has an ear, let him hear!

To be continued...

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