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John S. Torell

July 6, 2003

The message from God given to me at this time, is a somber, soul searching, fearful one, that can be likened to a roaring forest fire, that when it is hot and the wind is blowing hard and it becomes clear that no man can outrun this red-hot roaring hell fire. The Rise of the Antichrist is near AND TIME SHALL SOON BE NO MORE FOR THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST AS AN ORGANIZED FIGHTING UNIT AGAINST THE FORCES OF THE SATANIC KINGDOM!

God did not give me a time table, it could be six months, six years, or it could be longer but time is running out. II Peter 3:1-14

The prophet Isaiah responded to the call of God, to be a warning voice to the ten northern tribes and God did not hide the resistance Isaiah was going to encounter. Isaiah 6:1-13

The prophet Jeremiah was given a stern calling from the Lord - Jeremiah 1:1-19

Many years later Jeremiah was ready to give up - Jeremiah 20: 1-18

We as a generation now living on the earth are now facing a catastrophic event, that shall forever alter the life style of people living on this earth and determine forever where each person shall live in eternity; HEAVEN or THE LAKE OF FIRE! The people on the earth are going to have to face THE MARK OF THE BEAST, REGARDLESS IF THEY UNDERSTAND IT OR NOT. Revelation 13:11-18; 14:9-11

The people living at the time of Noah were told that there was going to be a flood, but only eight people responded to God - Noah preached and prepared and focused on the catastrophe to come - Genesis 6:5-22

The people of Israel had no clue that when the Messiah came, that something new was going to be born, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST!
Mary was astonished -
Luke 1:26-39
Joseph had to be spoken to : Matthew 1:18-25
Jesus only had 3.5 years to work, to call disciples, train them and set them up to become the pillars in the church. Matthew 4:17-25
When he began his hard core training and speaking to some 30,000 disciples, only 120 stayed with him - John 6:53-71

Not only did Jesus have problems with the masses of people, but also with his family and friends. First came his friends and then the mother of Jesus and his siblings, because they did not understand the mission of Jesus, instead they came to take him back home and straighten him out - Mark 3:14-21; 31-35

The Devil is a master of diverting people in the wrong direction, in order to destroy the works of God. Wrong guidance and enticing opportunities have been used for thousands of years, to get people moving in the wrong direction. Here are some examples:

  • Terah, the father of Abraham - Genesis 11:27-32
  • The prophet Jonah - Jonah 1:1-4
  • The rich young ruler - Luke 18:18-25
  • Without Moses there would been no Exodus
  • Without Joshua there would not have been the nation of Israel
  • Without the Prophets there would have been no Revelations
  • Without the Apostles there would have been no Gospel
  • Without Martin Luther there would not be a Church today
  • Without John Wesley there would not be a Church in America
  • Without Charles Finney, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and R.A. Torrey the Church in America would not have survived
  • Without George Washington and a few colonists there would have been no United States of America

Jesus worked hard to lay the foundation of the Church!
Jesus made it clear what he expected of his disciples :
Matthew 10:32-39
The apostles, except Judas were totally sold out for Jesus - Matthew 19:27-30

Jesus knew that the Church had to be birthed in the midst of Satan’s stronghold, Jerusalem and then it had to break through like an ice breaker and take on the extremely hostile Roman Empire. The core group of Jesus had to be molded into a fighting force, which would know no retirement. FOR EACH SOLDIER OF CHRIST IN THE FIRST CENTURY, THERE WAS ONLY ONE WAY TO LEAVE THE FIGHTING FORCE, AND THAT WAS DEATH! Luke 9:23-26; 57-62

Jesus is now leading his END TIME CHURCH into the last battle with Satan, before God will allow Satan to take over this earth for some 42 years. This will be a fierce battle, that is going to take all that a Christian has to be able to stand and having stood, to stand! At the stake are millions of Christian and billion of unbelievers, SHALL THEY CHOOSE JESUS AND ETERNAL LIFE WITH GOD, OR SHALL THEY FALL FOR THE DECEPTION AND TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST? Joel 3:12-16

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church of Sacramento, is one of the fighting units in the Army of God! We are made up of soldiers, who have been drafted by the Holy Spirit from different nations and different places in the United States. God has been and still is training us to become "Spiritual Marines," to be sent into combat and establish a beachhead, so that God may bring in larger forces of his Army! Are you going to respond to this call and be the man and woman God has called you to be or are you going to be led astray and sit on the sideline while the war is being fought?

The selection is being done right now: Judges 7:1-7

To him that has an ear, let him hear!

To be continued...

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