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John S. Torell

February 16, 2003


This is a very difficult chapter to understand. We are not told when and how the Great Babylon fell, only that it has fallen. It is repeated that the fall of this great city shall take place in one hour, and here is the question : Is it one hour of regular earth time, or is it one hour measured according to God’s timing?

It only took God a short time of the day, to utterly destroy and burn crisp the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19:13-29 My personal understanding is, that the destruction of Babylon will be done in one earth day, taking no more than one earth hour - Revelation 18:8

Verse: 1-2: In these verses this mighty angel is proclaiming that the great Babylon is fallen and does not exist any more. When it was destroyed we are not told, and thus we cannot tie it into any predicted events in the Bible. The only thing that we can understand is, that it takes place prior to the second return of Christ.

Verse 3: This verse makes it clear that Babylon is more than a city. In the verses that follows in the chapter, it becomes clear that Babylon is a great market of consumers and that the people living in this region have the means to buy not only necessities, but also large amount of luxury items.

Verse 4: This is a message that has been inserted as a warning. At the time the revelation was given to the apostle John, the system of Babylon had not yet emerged on the earth and a warning is given to people, who in the future will live in this region, to get out and flee to some other place on earth. This indicates that there will be Christians living in Babylon, which shall exist during the end times on the earth. Compare this with 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; 7:1

Verse 5: This is not a new concept, that the Lord (Jesus ) personally inspected a place, that had become known for its sins. Genesis 18:16-21; 19:13

Verses 6-7: The leadership and the people living in the region of Babylon are proud, arrogant and believe that there is no better place on earth than the one they live in.

Verse 8: Pride is one of the chief sin born in the heart of Lucifer - Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:14-19 Since God did not spare Lucifer, neither will he spare the people of Babylon and their leaders.

It is noteworthy that in this chapter we find no reference to the Antichrist, nor to the false prophet. Instead we find that Babylon is a city/state, which becomes more of a commerce center for the entire world. Babylon will be known for its economical power, and with that follows political and military power.

In order to understand the mind of God, read Daniel 4:1-33 God does not tolerate pride in any way, shape or form.

Verse 9-19: Political leaders around the world will commit fornication (spiritual) with Babylon, who will become like a god unto all the nations of the earth. Factory produced products, food products, and raw material will be shipped from all nations to Babylon, which at that time will be the biggest consumer market in the world. Money will flow out of her and make people rich all over the world. When Babylon falls, the world economy will crash and workers, business men and seamen will lament, that their income is gone for good.

If we examine the world as it is today, there is only one nation that fits the bill of being Babylon, and that is the United States of America! Let us look at the following:

1. The USA is the economic engine that drives the entire world economy.

2. Every nation on this earth, except a few like Iraq, are living on their export to America. The USA is importing automobiles from Europe, Japan and Mexico. Electronics, clothing, shoes and household goods from China, Taiwan, India, and a host of third world nations. Oil and other raw materials flow in daily by ship loads from all corners of the world.

3. The New York stock market and all other commodity markets in the United States set all prices for all other nations in the world. The world currency is in US dollars, regardless what nation you visit. All prices in the world are measured in US dollars. All banks in the world are tied in to the Federal Reserve Bank system in the United States.

4. Container ships by the thousands are arriving and leaving the United States every 24 hour period, destined for every nation in the world.

5. Millions of foreign students are studying at American universities and colleges, and will in the future become political, business and financial leaders in all foreign nations.

6. America will not be the seat of the Antichrist, he will be seated in Jerusalem, it is not the seat of the False Prophet, he will be seated in Rome. But current America is perfectly described in this chapter of the book of Revelation.

Verses 20-22: When Babylon is destroyed, God is telling his people to rejoice, not lament!

Verse 23: Babylon shall control the world though its witchcraft and pharmacia. America is the biggest legal drug producer in the world, and the world’s leader of purveying illegal drugs, including alcohol.

Verse 24: Babylon will be a leader in enslaving and killing people. American, British, German and French banks financed the Russian revolution. America forced Eastern Europe into the arms of the Soviet Union in 1945, and gave North Korea to the communists in 1945. America crushed the freedom fighters in China in 1948 and gave that nation over to the Communists. America abandoned Vietnam in 1945, set up dictatorships in Chile, the Philippines, Indonesia and in all nations in Central and South America during the last 50 years. America crushed nations in Africa, is responsible for the terrible regime in Saudi Arabia. The American people have been betrayed by their leaders! Most Christians have gone to sleep and do not care!

America is killing her babies, exporting violence and pornography, has taken God out from the public schools and is promoting homosexuality, fornication and adultery. Sports is the god of the nation, together with the lust of the flesh.

As we wait for judgment to fall, what can the Christian do? It is all spelled out in the Word of God - COME OUT FROM AMONG HER AND REPENT! James 4:1-10

Do you have an ear to hear with?

To be continued...

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