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Part 3C - John S. Torell

18 November 2002
Since Lucifer could not dethrone God in the heavens, he is dethroning God in the hearts of men! 
Isaiah 14:12-20

This leaves Lucifer (the Devil) only one option, whatever control he is to exercise must be on the planet earth. Jesus has informed His church and warned about this. Revelation 12:7-17

Three signs were given by Jesus, which would indicate that His return is getting closer:

              BETRAYAL                                    FALSE PROPHETS                                    LAWLESSNESS

           Matthew 24:8-10                                                Verse11                                                            Verse 12   

Once a believer in Christ is removed from the earth by God himself, Satan has lost all access to that believer in Christ.    2 Corinthians 5:6-8

Since the Devil cannot take away the salvation from a Christian - John 10:27-30; Romans 8:33-39 - he is trying to destroy and steal the life and testimony from the Christian.  John 10:10; Revelation 12:13-17

These attacks are directed against THE EMOTIONS and THE MIND!

God has placed a "master control panel" in every human being. This is a spiritual control panel to which man has no access. Only God and angels have access to this control panel. It is normally run by holy angels, but since most people are in a stage of "demonization," evil spirits are controlling the panels.


Since the Devil could not hinder all people from being saved by the blood of Jesus, he has designed a special program for all believers in Christ. It is called "SPIRITUAL PACIFICATION." Stealth demons are sent to the Christians, enticing and seducing them to look at the life of the heathens and the entertainment they are involved in. God said: You shall not learn this! Deuteronomy 18:9-13

At the time of Moses the Devil was limited in his program, since there was no electricity, photography or printed material. Thus Satan’s basic program consisted of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, incest, masturbation, getting drunk on alcohol, using other mind altering drugs, violence, dancing, raping women, girls and young boys, murdering people for fun, torturing humans and animals, gambling, witchcraft and the worship of demon gods (idolatry). All through the ages ungodly songs have been written and terrible music created by the demons in order to sway the masses. Exodus 32:17-25

Special places for these sins were set up at whore houses, individual prostitutes working out of their homes, communal bath houses, sport arenas, gambling houses and in private homes.

Secret fraternal organizations were set up, forerunners to the Masons, Elks, Moose lodges etc. of today. Special drinking places were set up, where people could come and buy their drinks and get drunk and there were opium dens for drug users. Not to forget the different temples built for idol worship, including the service of temple prostitutes. Men became rich selling women, girls and young boys as sex slaves.

Let us look at what the Word of God states about these activities: Proverbs 6:12-35; 7:1-26

When men were able to write, pornographic writings came into being. Sculptures and paintings of naked men and women started early. But once man had learned how to use cameras in conjunction with the printing press, modern pornography was born. Once the cinema was discovered, more could be done through movies, then came radio and audio recordings, TV, video players and finally the computer and the Internet.

But note this: The content in all worldly entertainment has not changed, it is the basic program that Satan set up some 7000 years ago!

The entire entertainment industry in the United States is owned, operated and controlled by ungodly renegade Jews, bent on destroying all morals and destroy the Christian church! This is not new -
Revelation 2:9

Paul is addressing this problem among the Christians: Ephesians 4:22-32; 5:1-20

All Americans now living have grown up watching the movies, and all Americans born after 1950 have grown up watching not only the movies, but grown up with television.

As a result the moral understanding of the general Christian population is warped, and the spirits of Jezebel have seduced them. This seduction is not new, around 700 years before Christ, God pronounced judgment on Israel - Isaiah 29:8-15

Jesus lamented over the condition of the people - Matthew 15:7-9

There is only one remedy for the believer in Christ, REPENTANCE! Are you willing to repent and seek the Lord with all your heart? James 4:1-10

If not, God will not receive your worship and neither will he remove the diseases from you! John 4:22-24

DO YOU REALLY HAVE AN EAR WITH WHICH TO HEAR ? ? ?                             

 To Be Continued . . .  .             

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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