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Part 2A - John S. Torell

20 October 2002
Since Lucifer could not dethrone God in the heavens, he is dethroning God in the hearts of men! 
Isaiah 14:12-20

This leaves Lucifer (the Devil) only one option, whatever control he is to exercise must be on the planet earth. Jesus has informed His church and warned about this. Revelation 12:7-17

Three signs were given by Jesus, which would indicate that His return is getting closer:

              BETRAYAL                                    FALSE PROPHETS                                    LAWLESSNESS

           Matthew 24:8-10                                                Verse11                                                            Verse 12   

Agape Love is Forgiveness.   1 John 4:6-12; Matthew  6:14-21

You can't betray someone whom you love.  But, you can betray someone if you are angry because you feel justified.

1 Corinthians, Chapter 13.  Charity means agape love.

There are several areas of false teaching!

False religions denying the deity of Christ - 1 John 4: 1-3

Under this category fall all religions in the world, including Jehovah’s Witnesses who are denying that Jesus is God. According to the Bible, all these religions are controlled by Satan, who has filled them with the spirit of antichrist.

Mormonism is one step further away from the truth. Mormon doctrine teaches that God himself is a man who has evolved into being a god!

Some teachers in the second category could possibly have been born again, but were seduced by evil spirits. Here are some of the movements in this area:


The main thrust of this false teaching is that at the end time all offices in the church will cease to exist - Ephesians 4:11

Manifest sons will rise, men and women who are now living a "sinless life," having reached perfection in the flesh. They are also known as "Joel’s Army."

B) THE FAITH MOVEMENT birthed by E. W. Kenyon

Its main prophet today is Kenneth Hagin. Lesser leaders in this group today are Kenneth Copeland , Fred K.C. Price, Ulf Ekman, Joyce Meyer, Dick Bernal and thousands of other pastors and evangelists. They are not denying the deity of Christ, but they believe and teach that salvation was not obtained on the cross by Jesus. Instead, the teaching is that Jesus died spiritually after his body had died, and he became one with the Devil, filled with his spirit, and then taken to hell where he was tormented for three days and three nights! According to the Faith Movement, "it was here that Jesus paid for our sins. When he was resurrected, he went back to heaven as man, so that men can become gods."

The Pentecostal movement in the United States has been hijacked by these people, who are trusting in a Christ who paid in hell for their sins. The physical blood of Jesus has been rejected as applying only to the Abrahamic covenant.


This is a mixture of racism and white supremacist teaching. Its roots go back to the Cabala and the teaching of THE SERPENT SEED. Satan had sex with Eve and produced the

serpent seed, or as they are also called "Canaanites." In order to believe this, a follower must reject the Biblical account of the Flood as recorded in Genesis, chapters seven and eight. There is no clear leadership in this movement. Pastor PETE PETERS from Colorado is the champion of the white people who believe that they are the descendants of the ten northern tribes of Israel.

ARNOLD MURRAY is a self made prophet, teaching the serpent seed, but he is not a white supremacist.

D) The biggest deviation from the Christian faith is the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, with its wicked worship of idols, the most prominent of them being Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Salvation is taken away from faith in Christ, to put faith in the church, which Catholics believe brings salvation. Corruption, death, destruction and torture of real born again Christians is the fruit of this "monster church," which is also known in the Bible as the Great Whore. Revelation, Chapter 17.

The whore in Rome has several sisters, smaller whores, but just as bad: the Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, the CHURCH OF ENGLAND, known in the United States as the Episcopal Church, the COPTIC CHURCH IN AFRICA AND THE ASSYRIAN CHURCH IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

E) Then there are the Christian cult churches, who claim that they are the only ones who have the truth. "They are in some kind of direct blood line through the centuries, going all the way back to the apostles of Jesus. You are only saved if you have been saved in their church, they are the only one who has a valid water baptism, church membership is equated with salvation and communion is only given out to their members. A spirit of elitism has captured them and they live in arrogance and pride, looking down upon all other Christians as not making it." In this group you will find the Church of Christ, some Baptist churches, United Pentecostal Churches, etc.


Salvation is totally based upon Jesus Christ. But just praying to Jesus is not going to save a person. There must be a knowledge first of who Christ is!

Look at this definition: Acts 4:7-13; Romans 10:4-17; 1 Corinthians 1:17-31

To have the correct knowledge, we must have a written foundation, or an accurate oral foundation. The written foundation is known as the Bible. The only reliable translation in English is THE KING JAMES VERSION! 2 Peter 1:14-20.

Let us remember the words that Jesus spoke about words! Matthew 12:36-37.


Do You Have An Ear With Which To Hear?                                         To be continued . . . .

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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