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23 December 2001

THE CITY OF PERGAMOS (PERGAMUM in Greek).  Jesus is identifying this city as "The Seat of Satan."  Revelation 2:12-17.

After the death of Alexander the Great, the city of Pergamos became important when it became the capital of a new independent state. The last king of this small kingdom in Asia Minor (now Turkey) was Attalus the 3rd, who died in 133 B.C. and bequeathed (willed) his territory to Rome. Pergamos was then made the seat of the Roman government for the entire province of Asia and its population grew to around 200,000 persons at the time of Christ.

Pergamos became one of the most beautiful Greek cities in the Hellenistic Age. It had a huge library, a large market place, a gymnasium, amphitheater, a theater, a race track, plus much more.

The city had a number of temples to different "deities." The first temple of Imperial cult was built in 29 B.C. in honor of Rome and Caesar Augustus. Here are the rest of the temples in the city:

The temple of ASCLEPIUS, the serpent god, who presided over the art of healing, and whose serpents were one of the city’s emblems. This god was presented in paintings and sculpture as a man, standing dressed in a long cloak with bare breast and holding a staff with a serpent coiled around it. This god was said to be the son of Apollo and the nymph Coronis, and when the chief god Zeus feared that Asclepius was going to make men immortal, he slew him with a lighting bolt.

The temple of HERA, daughter of the gods Cronus and Rhea, also the sister and wife of Zeus, the chief ruling god. She was worshiped as the queen of heaven, and the goddess of marriage and of women.

The temple of DEMETER, another daughter of Cronus and Rhea and a sister of Zeus. She was worshiped as the goddess of agriculture.

The temple of ATHENA NICEPHORUS, the goddess of war. She was also known as MINERVA, which today is the goddess of California, with her picture on the seal of the state.

The great temple of ZEUS, the ruler of all the Greek gods on mount Olympus.

(To fully understand this satanic set up, see "As the Days of Noah")

Here is some frightening information, that shows that the demonic world is real and that it is having great power over human events.

The German engineer and archaeologist Karl Humann (1839-1896) worked in Turkey during the years 1878-86 as directing the railroad construction for the Turkish government and also as an archeologist. He did extensive excavations in Pergamos, under the direction of the Berlin Museum. He discovered the great altar of Zeus, and brought back part of the altar and its surviving reliefs. The altar was then restored and was displayed in the Pergamos Museum in Berlin.

When the communists in the Soviet Union was going to build the mausoleum of Lenin on the Red Square in Moscow, the architect Aleksej Sjitusev used the main altar of Zeus in Pergamos as a model for the new building. Thus, the mausoleum of Lenin is a "walk-in replica" of the old Zeus temple in Pergamos, where Jesus said that the seat of Satan was at that time.

In 1944 a German military detachment traveled to Turkey, and removed additional parts of altars from Pergamos and erected this in Berlin as a last ditch effort to turn around the war. When the Soviet army entered Berlin, special forces from the Soviet Union retrieved this altar and secretly moved it to Moscow, where it was set up in Lenin’s mausoleum.

Since both Nazism and Communism were and are deeply involved in Satanism, it is obvious, that both groups tried to invoke the presence of Satan himself in order to have more power.

I believe that for a short time Satan resided in the air over Berlin, and that he later moved to Moscow. Someday he will set up his seat in the city of Jerusalem. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Verse 12: The sharp sword of God cuts both ways - Hebrews 4:12

Verse 13: Jesus is all knowing, he knows the trauma these believers have gone trough.

And their refusal to deny the name of Jesus, even when facing death.

Verse 14: But the believers in Christ have not been able to drop all pagan customs, and Jesus is not pleased with that at all. Numbers 31:16

Verse 15: The followers of Nicolai were also active in Pergamos - Jude 7-13

Verse 16: Jesus is warning his church, take care of the problem or Jesus will come himself and take care of it with the sword. 1Corinthians 5:6-13

Verse 17: There will be a new name in heaven for each of us. There is power in a name - Revelation 19:11-13. The glory of our future in heaven is going to be great and full of joy, peace and happiness. Revelation 22:1-5

           Do you have an ear with which to hear?

To be continued . . . . 

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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