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August 26, 2001
Abraham’s seed was going to be transformed from being a tribe of twelve brothers and their wives and children into a nation called Israel. The nation was conceived in the land of Canaan, but like a baby is nourished in the womb of a woman, Egypt was to be the womb for the next 430 years- Exodus 12:41.

When Joseph sent his brothers back to pick up Israel and their own wives, children and possessions, they were told not to fight among themselves - Genesis 45:24

In chapter 47 it becomes very clear that the transfer of Joseph to Egypt was not only done to feed the seed of Abraham, but it was to bring them all down to Egypt and there give them a secure place to grow in numbers and begin to function as a nation, not as individuals. Genesis 47:1-5

Pharaoh was so impressed with Joseph’s brothers, that he wanted to have them as managers over his own cattle - Verse 6

Jacob was brought in to Pharaoh himself, and the potentate humbled himself before Israel who, at this time, was 130 years old, to receive a blessing from the man of God!  Verses 7-10

The land of Goshen was the most fertile part of Egypt, and this is where God placed His people - Verses 11-12

The Egyptians lost all their possessions, cattle and land, while the Hebrew children prospered and had their own land and possessions - Verses 13-28

After 17 good years in Egypt, it was time for Israel to leave this earth, he had started as a crook and he ended his life as a king in the service of the King of kings - Verses 29-31

He was not to be buried in Egypt, but in the Promised Land.

It was now time for Joseph to be blessed with his sons. Note that Israel claimed Ephraim and Manasseh as his own sons, part of the twelve, later called half tribes - Genesis 48: 1-15

Joseph wanted it his way, but Israel at this time was moved by God and did not budge - Verses 16-22

Just hours before his departure from earth, Israel gathered up his sons and prophesied over them - Genesis 49:1-28

He told them his final instructions: take my body and place it in the land of Canaan.  Verses 29-33

It was a powerful group of people who drove up to Canaan to bury Israel. It was a great contrast when as a young man he fled for his life with nothing, now his body came back with the fruit of his life, the beginning of a nation - Genesis 50:1-13

Fear came back on Joseph’s brothers. Had he been hiding his anger and now when Israel was gone, was he going to take revenge? It hurt Joseph that his brothers did not trust him, nor believe that he had forgiven them - Verses 14-21

Before Joseph died, he made out a will: bring my bones back to the land of Canaan.  Verses 22-26

The hand of God leads men and women, generation after generation, and those who listen to him will be more than blessed - Romans 8:26-31

              Do you have an ear with which to hear?                                                                     

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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