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August 12, 2001
With a new name Israel slowly walked away from his personal encounter with Jesus Christ, not knowing for sure what was going to be in store for him. Was Esau going to forgive him? What was going to happen to his family, birthed by four different women?
Genesis 32:30-32

God had prepared the heart of Esau, and in this chapter we find how the two brothers were able to seek forgiveness and to give it. Genesis 33:1-16

Once he arrived in the land of Canaan, he stopped in a place, built himself a house and temporary barns (booths) for his cattle, and the place was named Succoth (Booth).
Verse 17

Once he had become organized, he moved his entire operation (like a great cattle drive in the 19th Century,  Western United States) to Shalem and it was here that he built an altar to the Creator, who was now his personal God, and he called the place of worship, "MIGHTY ONE, THE GOD OF ISRAEL." Verses 18-20

His wives and children were on a totally different plateau. They were living for the here and now, with very little thought about the future. The only one that was different was Joseph, the eldest son of Rachel. In chapter 34 we can see the confusion in the family, and that Jacob had no control over his daughter, nor over his sons.

God was now telling Jacob to clean up the family and get rid of idols - Genesis 35:1-6

By speaking a second time to Jacob, his name change was settled in the heart of Jacob and his family - Verses 9-15

Now followed the first death of a wife -- Rachel. She named her son "Son of Sorrow," Israel called him Benjamin ("Son of my right hand.") Verses 16-20

Israel was a weak man in dealing with his sons, he did not correct Reuben, when he committed incest - Verses 20-22

Israel was to meet his father, Isaac, one more time before he died. Israel and Esau jointly held the funeral.  After this, the descendants of these two brothers  became mortal enemies to this very day - Verses 27-29

Israel did not have the skill of being a good father and he favored Joseph over all his other sons - Genesis 37:1-3

This created a hate in the other half brothers - Verse 4

Joseph could not understand why he was hated by his half brothers, so he shared his dreams and visions with them not knowing that this would make them more angry.
Verses 5-9

Israel tried to correct Joseph, but secretly he was wondering who was speaking to Joseph
Verses 10-11

Israel was blinded to the hate and murder which raged in his sons, and sent Joseph to his destruction - Verses 13-17

The spirit of murder came over the sons of Israel, and it was by the grace of God that Joseph survived and was sold as a slave - Verses 18-28

Even though Reuben had opposed the murder, and Judah came up with the idea of selling him as a slave, they all lied to their father, Israel - Verses 29-35

The oldest ten sons of Israel represent mankind in general. The Bible tells us the state of sinful men - Galatians 5:19-21 There was nothing great about these ten men.  They lied, cheated, murdered and committed incest. Judah had no more morals than "an alley cat." When he heard that Tamar, his daughter-in-law had worked as a whore, he was ready to burn her, not knowing that he was the whoremonger - Genesis 38:1-30

Why did God select these ten men to be the patriarchs of the nation of Israel?

Here is the answer: The love of God! Deuteronomy 7:7-8

Dinah and her ten brothers represent you and me, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us - Romans 5:1-11

Are you born again? If you are born again, are you willing on a daily basis to walk with Christ and forgive all people who are hurting you? Matthew 6:12-15

        Do you have an ear with which to hear ?                                                                     

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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