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29 July 2001
Isaac means "LAUGHTER" in Hebrew. He was born a miracle baby, and must have been fussed over by his parents. His father was very rich, had his own private army and was considered a prince (ruler) in the land. His half brother Ishmael had been rejected by God and by the family and driven out from the family dwellings.

When Isaac was around 25 years old, he went with his dad, not knowing in advance that his dad had been told to use him for a sacrifice. Isaac did not fight his dad; he let his dad bind him and place him on the altar. Genesis 22:4-18

Abraham was touched by God, but there is no indication that Isaac was moved spiritually.

Isaac was born to a man of God and of faith, but the Bible does not disclose that he had a personal relationship with God had by his dad. When Isaac was around 40 years old, it was his dad who secured a godly wife for him. Genesis 24:1-51

Rebekah, a cousin to Isaac had faith in God, to leave her home and travel to marry a man she had never seen. Verses 52-60

Rebekah came from a wealthy family and had a number of women servants with her. Verse 61

Isaac was a praying man, and when Rebekah was presented to him, he obeyed and took her to be his wife. Verses 62-67

Isaac was on good terms with his half-brother Ishmael, and they held the funeral for their dad together. Genesis 25:7-11

Isaac became rich, took over his dadís position as a powerful prince, and led his entire household, including the private army. But we never read in the Bible that Isaac had any visions or special relationships with God. HE SIMPLY BECAME A CARETAKER OF THE BLOOD LINE, BUT NOT MUCH IS TOLD ABOUT ISAAC. Some 20 years after his marriage to Rebekah, she still had no children, but when Isaac prayed for her, she got pregnant. Genesis 25:20-21

It was Rebekah who had a revelation from God, not Isaac. Verses 22-26

The twin boys were named "Esau" (Hairy) and "Jacob" (Swindler), and the two boys became spoiled rich children, each later to become fathers to dysfunctional families. Dad and mom each had their favorite sons, which forever split the boys and caused them to hate each other. Verses 27-34

Isaac was blessed by God, not for his own walk with God, but because Abraham had been obedient. Genesis 26:1-5

However, the spirits of lying had passed on from Abraham to Isaac. Verses 6-23

God appeared again to Isaac and told him not to fear, because of his dadís relationship with God - Verses 24-34

Esau never came out of his rebellion, and became a polygamist and took wives of the heathens - Verses 34-35

In her old age Rebekah had become a hard woman, lying, cheating and leading her son Jacob into sinning - Genesis 27:6-17

Isaac had lost all spiritual insight and believed the lie - Verses 18-41

Rebekah used the Word of God to deceive Isaac - Verses 42-46

Isaac bought into the lie, and blessed his lying son Jacob - Genesis 28:1-5

Esau now in his anger turned to his uncle Ishmael, finishing his apostasy - Verses 6-9,
Hebrews 12:14-17

Isaac became a caretaker of Godís promise to Abraham, but did not excel in his own personal life - Genesis 35:27-29. Are you an Abraham or an Isaac???  Luke 9:23-26,62

Do you have an ear with which to hear ?                                                                      

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