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22 July 2001
Finally, Jobís "so-called friends" could not wear him down and break him, so they
stopped speaking.
Job 32:1

The Devil had one more shot at Job, and this was "his ace in the hole," the goodly man Elihu. Elihu did not know that he was inspired and moved at this time by the Devil, he thought for sure that he was speaking for God. The attack began with Elihu displaying his anger toward Job and his three friends. Job 32:2-3

After an eloquent speech, Elihu charges Job to be void of knowledge, having no wisdom and being in rebellion against God. Job 34:34-37

According to Elihu, God has visited Job in anger and Job has opened his mouth in vain. Job 35:13-16

Elihu then states that he is going to speak on Godís behalf, describing who God is and how He thinks - Job 36:1-15; Psalm 103

What he spoke about God was truth and it is amazing to think that a man living 4000 years ago could have this knowledge.

The Devil is now going for the final blow: Elihu is telling Job that he is evil - Job:36:16-25 and this is followed up by a strong rebuke! Job 37:14-24

There is no way that Job himself could fend off this accusation without having direct knowledge from God Himself. IT IS NOW THAT GOD HIMSELF IS STATING THAT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AND ENTERS INTO THE DISCUSSION, THUS BREAKING HIS SILENCE AND STOPPING THE DEVIL FROM HEAPING IT ON JOB!  Job 38:1-3

Now follows some wonderful revelations, from God Himself, that gave Job some answers and will give us some wonderful insights into the creation:

1. How the earth is controlled. V.4-6

2. That Godís angels existed before the creation of the universe -v.7

3. How the water and the weather is controlled on the planet - v.8-16

4. About hell - v.17

5. More revelations about the conditions on the earth - v.18-30

6. The laws of the heavens - v.31-35

7. How the animal kingdom is ruled by wisdom hidden in the inward parts. Job 38:36-41; 39:1-30

Now the Lord tested Job, are you going to instruct me? Are you also going to change my judgments? Job 40:1-9

In chapter 41 God is describing the leviathan, a sea monster that men cannot kill or overcome. This sea monster, that is also described as a serpent and at times as a dragon is in my understanding a reference to the Devil. Revelation 12:7-12

After God has spoken, Job responds and tells God that he has spoken about things he did not understand, and for this he repents - Job 42:1-6

Job was forgiven, the Devil was removed from him and then God judged his three friends - Job 42:7-8, who then had to humble themselves - verses 9-10

Once Satan had been defeated, God restored the hedge around Job and blessed him abundantly - verses 11-17

Compare this with the Words of Jesus! John 10:1-11

Do you have an ear with which to hear ?                                                                        

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Posted:  02/08/2017

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