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PART ONE  --  May 20, 2001

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have always existed; they are eternal, backward and forward in time. No human being can understand this with our intelligence, since all things in the physical creation itself has a beginning and an end. Isaiah 44:6-8; 45:18-22; 46:9-13

Building the universe as we can see it from our planet is a masterpiece of creation beyond what a human mind can understand and perceive. It was created from unseen material - Hebrews 11:1-3; by the spoken Word of Jesus - Hebrews 1:1-3. Today mankind knows that all material substance in the universe is "frozen energy," which we now know is indestructible. Compare this with the Word of God - 2 Peter 3:7-14

Before God could start on the creation, He had to design all spiritual and physical laws. The base component in both sets of laws is "OBEDIENCE." Deuteronomy 28:1-2; 14-15;1 Samuel 15:22-23; John 14:15

Before any design could begin, all the mathematical laws had to be designed. As mankind progressed over the years and discovered more and more of God’s mathematical laws, man discovered certain constants, which could not be explained.

For example : II (Pi)= 3.14...; e =2.71.... Logarithm, trigonometry, calculus, differential, equations, etc. Once the mathematical laws were finished, came chemistry, physics, nuclear, thermal (the sun is a giant hydrogen bomb, and so are all the stars) etc. Up to the mid 1950's human scientists thought they had learned most of what is to be learned, but they proved to be fools. Statical mechanical laws stop to function, when an object starts to speed up or the temperature changes.

And think about this, each living specie on this earth is controlled by electricity. But not one specie is hooked up to a power plant. When God designed them, regardless of size, each specie had its own electrical power generating capacity, complete with a living small computer, regardless if we are looking at an elephant or a mosquito. Psalm 139:1-18 (King David did not know the words chromosome or DNA, when he lived on earth) ONLY A FOOL CAN DENY THIS AND BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION - Psalm 14:1-3  

We only know about this in bits and pieces. The angelic civilization was created before Adam and Eve. The number of angels are so great, that God could not give man a mathematical number for them -
Hebrews 12:21-22. Angels built civilizations on billions upon billions of planets throughout the universe, and there was trade, communication and travel between the different planets. But one day, this marvelous work of God was marred with rebellion, intergalactic war and then a massive trial for the angels who had rebelled.
Isaiah 14:12-20; Ezekiel 28:11-19; Revelation 12:7-10; Matthew 25:41

At his trial Lucifer lashed out against God and accused him before all the  angels, the Holy ones and the fallen ones, that God was an unrighteous God. His sentence was put on hold, and God set out to prove Lucifer wrong. Adam and Eve were created and placed in a perfect environment with all their needs met. One tree was planted, which they were told they could not eat. This was going to be the test. Then Lucifer was given a chance to enter the garden and present his pitch to this couple. Lucifer chose to confront Eve rather than Adam. Lucifer won round one. Genesis 1:26-31; 2:15-17; 3:1-14; Romans 3:20-28; Romans 8:19-23

Do you have an ear with which to hear ??? 

 To be continued......

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Posted:  02/08/2017

E-Mail:  dovem@eaec.org


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