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May 21, 2000
No one cares anyway, so why should I? Whatís the use, nothing will ever workout? I am too sick to even pray. God does not love me, if He did I would not be sick, have no money, friends, etc. Since God has not answered my prayers, I might as well go back to the alcohol, drugs, and my old sinful life.

Here is the MOTHER OF ALL CURSES: . . . . CURSE GOD AND DIE!  Job 2:7-10

The Devil walks about like a roaring lion - 1 Peter 5:8

The Bible tells us that after the Devil lost the war in the heavens and was stripped of his power and glory, and cast down to the planet earth, he is consumed by rage!  Revelation 12:7-17

When God began to move the children of Israel out of Egypt, Satan must have mustered up all his military resources to stop this project. The man that was to catch most of "the hell" from Satan was Moses. If there ever is an example in the Bible how to overcome depression and apathy, Moses is that example.

        Before Moses was born, he was condemned to death - Exodus 1:15-16

        His life was in jeopardy until he was adopted - Exodus 2:1-10

        He killed a guard and had to flee from his palace life - verses 11-15 (age 40)

        The prince became a shepherd and married a stranger - verses 16-22

        At the age of 80 years, God spoke to him - Exodus 3:1-10

        The response from the 80 year old man was, WHO AM I? Verses11-13

        The people will not believe me! Exodus 4:1-9

        God, I am not a speaker! Verses 10-12

        Look God, just send someone else! Verses 13-17

God had selected Moses and when Moses had run out of excuses he decided to go and do the job of delivering the children of Israel. Romans 8:28-31

If life had been rough during the first 80 years for Moses, it was nothing to the agony and pain that he would encounter in the wilderness!

Rejection by the leadership before getting out of Egypt - Exodus 5:15-21

It caused doubt in Moses - verses 22-23

COMPLAINING: Exodus 14:10-12, "Letís go back to Egypt;" - "The water is bitter" - Exodus 15:22-26; "There is no food" - Exodus 16:1-3; "Where is the water?"  Exodus 17:1-7; "Where did Moses go?"

Exodus 32:1-9; This time Moses lost his temper - verses15-20;  Moses was rejected by his own brother and sister - Numbers 12:1-16; His leaders rejected (in unbelief) the Promised Land - Numbers 13:31-33; LETíS GO BACK TO EGYPT - Numbers 14:1-4;

Now the Devil changed tactics -- he caused a great rebellion (church split) - Numbers 16:1-50

Following this, Moses lost his temper a second time - Numb.20:1-13; More anger and rebellion - Numbers 21:1-9

Now the Devil brought out his sexual weapon - Numbers 25:1-9

Moses committed three recorded sins: 1) He murdered an Egyptian. 2) He broke the stone tablets in anger. 3) He smote the Rock (Jesus).  But Moses lived in forgiveness and maintained a very close relationship with the Lord (Jesus -1 Corinthians 10:1-4). Exodus 34:28-35

God himself took Moses home from this earth and God buried Moses in a place no one knew - Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Moses must be holding a high position in heaven and was given the honor with Elias (Elijah) to come back to earth and prepare Jesus for the crucifixion - Matthew 17:1-8

HOW ARE YOU DOING? 1 Corinthians 10:10-14

Do you have an ear with which to hear ?


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