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May 2,1999

Reading or hearing the Word of God is one thing, understanding it is a total different question. Understanding the Word of God is a gift, not given to all people. Matt. l3:1-17

The Bible is not open for private interpretation1 but must be interpreted in light of itself. 2 Peter 1:12-21

From the very beginning the Devil has twisted the Word of God. This is why Jesus called him a liar. John 6:42-45 The Devil puts deception into the mind of people, and then they cannot understand the Word of God,

By twisting the Word of God Satan plunged all men into sin - Gen. 3:1-5
By twisting the Word of God Satan tried to deceive Jesus himself - Matt.4:1-11
By abusing the Word of God Satan is ruling the Jewish leadership - Matt.23:13-35

It is very dangerous to try to use the Word of God to justify actions, which do not line up with the Word of God. King Ahab had formed a group of false prophets, who were used to "sanctify" the king's decisions. 1 Kings 22:1-6

There was one prophet from God, that did not buy into the lying life style of King Ahab, and the king hated him. Verses 7-8
The prophet of God was told how to be politically correct - v.9-l3
When Ahab asked Micaiah what God had said, the prophet mocked him - v.14-16
Then he told the king the truth - v.17
Instead of accepting the message from God, the king rejected it - v.l8
Then Micaiah revealed the entire prophecy - v.19-23
Zedekiah became angry, as lying prophets always do - v.24
Micaish received harsh treatment - v.25-28
Then king Ahab, having rejected THE TRUE WORD OF GOD, proceeded to his death Verses 29-38

Every false religion is born by Satan, who twists the Word of God and makes people to believe it. 1 Tim,4:1; 2Peter 2:1-3

Men and women, pretending to be walking with God, shall move in the churches and deceive many, by twisting the Word of God! 2 Tim.3:1-9

The apostle Paul warned us, that in the last days there shall be a FALLING AWAY! 2 Thess.2:1-3

Some 1950 years ago the Lord spoke through the apostle Jude this warning: Jude 4-25




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