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August 16,1996

The Devil is very religious, and he is the author of all religions on this planet and all of his religions have one thing in common -- denying worship of the CREATOR, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB, and directing all worship to himself. Isaiah 14:12-13

Prior to seducing Eve and Adam, Lucifer must have had a meeting in the heavenly courthouse, just like he had over Job. Job.1:6 -12

Definition of the word RELIGION: Man’s attempt to be like God and take care of things himself, without the help of God.

The serpent offered Eve a deep religious experience that would make her equal to God! Genesis 3:1-5 She bought into the lie and converted her husband v. 6

All religions of the Devil are built upon lies (John 8:44), and the main religious gifts of the Devil are FEAR AND LYING. Gen. 3:7-13

When God provided a way back to God, via repentance and seeking the Lord, Gen. 3:15, Satan opened the SAMARITAN CHURCH, which has been open ever since!

God specified that he wanted a certain type of sacrifice. Gen. 4:3-7
Satan, said, it does not matter, do it your own way.
The result was the first religious war. Satan’s standard answer, Murder the people who are righteous and follow God. Verse 8

What the Devil did not tell Cain was that when you break God’s commandments, God Will hold the lawbreaker accountable. Verses 9-12

A religious man will seek the Lord and bargain with God, but will never repent. v. 13-16

It was now that the Devil felt that it was not enough to keep mankind religious, he must be polluted so that there would never be a chance for God to bring redemption to man. What  greater way was it to pollute mankind, than to breed fallen angels with human women. God had only one option, exterminate all polluted beings (Genesis 6:1-14; 7:1-24) and put all fallen angels who had bred with the women into prison. (2 Peter 2:4-5; Jude 6)

God made a covenant with Noah: Gen. 8:15-22; 9:1-19

Lucifer must have had another meeting in the heavenly courthouse because next Noah himself is the target of Lucifer. For 600 years plus Noah had lived in righteousness, but after the flood, the firmament was gone so the grape juice they packed turned to alcohol (wine) and he became drunk and was exposed, which caused his son who looked upon him to be cursed. Again, Satan had established a religion on the planet and enticed men to join his religion. Genesis 9:20-29

It was the grandson of Ham (4th generation of Noah) Nimrod, who founded the city of Babylon and the mother of all religions. His queen, Semiramis, and her illegitimate son, Tammuz (Genesis 10:6-10) were later deified and became known as "the Queen of Heaven" and her son became the center of worship, which is now known as Christmas. Again God had to forcibly enter the affairs of man, and slow down their religious quest for power. Genesis 11:1-9

Satan has known since Adam and Eve, that if he can have the children he will let the older generation alone. God said: Teach the child! Deueronomy 6:1-12 

Lucifer says: Don’t pollute the mind of a child. Let him grow up without any religious teaching, and then when he is old, let him choose what he wants to do.


                        To be continued . . . .



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