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May 31, 1998

The Bible teaches us that God hears our prayers at once, and that there is no need to repeat the same request over and over again. Matt.6:5-13

But at the same time Jesus is telling his followers to stay with it until they have received an answer. Luke 18:1-8

What is the answer? The answer is that we must understand that there are different kinds of prayer, and each type of prayer is addressed in different manners.


When Abraham understood that God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he began talking with the Lord, interceding on behalf of the people in these two cities. He did not speak many times to God concerning this matter, but spoke once. Gen.18:16-33

Jacob wrestled with Jesus himself, trying to find out his final destiny on this earth, trying to get to know God on a personal basis. Gen.32:22-31


There is very little teaching from God concerning this matter in the Old Testament. Ex.17:8-14

Joshua was given an insight on this matter from the Lord himself - Joshua 5:13-15

But it was in the battle for Jericho that the full impact of spiritual warfare is brought out in full light. Joshua 6:1-21

FASTING AND PRAYER is at time part of spiritual warfare - Isaiah 58:6-11

Spiritual warfare is the type of prayer that will release the power of God to destroy the strong holds of Satan and his demons. Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18; Luke 13:10-17

It was Daniel’s direct prayer against Satan, which moved God to close the mouths of the lions.

Daniel 6:10-28

When Daniel went into HEAVY DUTY spiritual warfare prayer, it released the angels of God to smash the forces of Satan and to break through to Daniel! Daniel 10:1-21


Once Jesus had come to the earth in person, to finish his atonement for sin, Jesus immediately transferred his authority over Satan and all fallen angels to the apostles, the seventy others.

Matt. 10:1; Luke chapter 9 and 10

That authority was transferred to all believers in Christ after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Jesus set a number of examples how to operate in the spiritual world and take dominion over the Devil and his forces. Matt.8:23-34

When the apostle James was executed and Peter was next in line, the church in Jerusalem moved into high gear, and was able to move both the spirit world and the physical world.

Acts 12:1-11

We are told that our weapons are spiritual - 2 Cor.10: 3-6

And that we are fighting with demonic spirits, not with flesh and blood. Eph.6:10-18

Only if you are born again do you have this authority! John 1:12-13

If you are born again, are you using your SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY ON A DAILY BASIS?



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