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Current Events

On this page you will find timely current event messages by Pastor John S. Torell. He covers world events and news and provides insight as to what the Bible says natural disasters, wars, etc. In addition, he isn't afraid to cover hot topics that the regular media refuses to cover.

In order to listen to a message, you have two choices:

  1. Click on "Listen" and hear the sermon right away.

  2. Save it to your computer by right-clicking on "Download" and choosing "Save Target As".

Whatever choice you make, you must have a media player such as Winamp, Windows Media Player or RealPlayer installed in order to listen to the sermon.

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CE-1 04-13-06 The Road to War in Iran Listen Download

Iran is determined to build nuclear weapons and Israel is just determined to stop them. The U.S. is helpless because of it's close ties to Israel and being bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. War is coming! Who is going to shoot first: Israel or Iran?

RLJ-1023 04-02-06 Matthew 24 - Knocking on the Door? Listen Download

You can always tell when a rainstorm is on its way, likewise, you can also tell when a war is about to start. The Devil likes war because it kills a lot a people and sends them straight to hell since most people aren’t saved. In addition, it ties up resources and it slows down the preaching of the Gospel. Another war is now brewing in the Middle East, this time it will be Israel attacking Iran to disable its nuclear capacity with Iran ready to strike back not only at Israel but also the rest of the world through its terrorist network. In this message, Pastor Torell ties this war in with Matthew chapter 24 and what Christians should do in a time of crisis and how we can use the gifts and talents which God has given us. Don’t be part of the coming crisis upon the world, but be part of the solution that God has prepared.


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