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Why the Book Was Written

The Cause

      “Of making many books there is no end. . . .” Solomon was right, but this is not just another book but a revolutionary war—war against sickness and misery, aches and pains, against a subtle killer—war against satanic forces that hate the truth that makes us free. I am anxious to put in your hands, reader, the weapon of victory, the truths that have restored and prolonged my life and added much true happiness.

      “Is there not a cause?” David answered his brothers when they accused him of coming down merely to see the battle between Israel and the Philistines. They charged him with being completely out of character and insisted that he should be back in the wilderness tending his father’s sheep. But the Hebrew nation was being oppressed and about to come under the heel of a cruel and ruthless enemy. David’s heart was on fire for Israel’s deliverance and he knew he had the answer. He pressed his claims even against his own family’s objections and disapproval but he won a great victory.

      In this matter, also, there is a great cause at stake. Many are losing the battle for health and even for life itself. Why? Let the Lord answer, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”…and with many, “because thou hast rejected knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). This is true physically as well as spiritually.

      David lamented after Abner had been slain by Joab, “Died Abner as a fool dieth?” (II Samuel 3:27-39). His life was safe and guaranteed to him inside the walls of the city of refuge. Joab asked to speak to him outside the gate and he foolishly stepped outside of the area of his safety to death.

      If David had known of Joab’s plot, he would have tried desperately to get a message of warning to Abner in order to save his life, but Joab hid it from David. Many today are not aware of a subtle enemy who would induce them to step outside the safety zone of God’s Word, to disease and an untimely death. Is not this suffering and dying like a fool?

The Knowledge

      I, too, am desperately concerned about getting a message through to my generation, and to you, reader, that you may come to a knowledge of this truth which I am convinced can deliver the sick and dying. I speak with no uncertainty, for it raised me almost literally out of the grave.

      This book is written at the suggestion and insistence of many trusted friends, as well as from my own earnest desire to make this truth of deliverance known. This is a debt that I owe first to God, for graciously revealing this blessed truth, and secondly to my fellow men that they may be set free, not only from sickness and disease, but from its very fear which in itself is a destroyer.

      In the olden days before the network of hard surface highways, there was always the fear of getting stuck in the mud when starting out on cross-country driving. When dark clouds came up, they were the cause of real concern and worry. Many did get hopelessly bogged down, which delayed them hours and even days. What a relief it was when someone could direct you to a paved road that would guarantee a mud-free trip all the way to your destination.

      God’s laws are paved highways that keep us from getting bogged down in all sorts of miseries and needless difficulties. To know we are traveling on them relieves us of the fears that plague the future of so many today and assures us of a safe and on-schedule arrival. Happy is the man who gets off the mud road of his own prejudice and preconceived concepts, on to the paved highway, the Word of the Almighty, “whose ways are perfect.”

The Application

      God has given directions for the care of the body, which is His temple and habitation, as well as for the spirit and we shall give an account to Him for both. We have been made the custodians of God’s house, the dwelling place of His Spirit’s presence. We are to count it a sacred trust that, as Christian believers, we may have a good report at the judgment seat of Jesus Christ.

      Vital organs and members of the body must first be destroyed before the body itself succumbs. And so it can be said that heart, lungs, bowels, kidneys, liver, etc., are destroyed because the person lacked knowledge or rejected knowledge. Many die because they have no knowledge of preventive measures; others perish of various diseases because they do not know of the remedy. A tragedy seems so much greater if the victim has been warned of impending death and disregards a proven cure. “Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I also will reject thee,” the Lord declares.

      The heart-rending thing about most tragedies is that they cannot be undone, and some diseases gain such headway they cannot be stopped. In the light of this sober fact, earnestly consider the truths in the following chapters.

      There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that I would have been in my grave years ago had I not come to a knowledge of this key to health and happiness. I know of many who have died who, as the Lord said through Hosea, “are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” If through the testimony and evidence presented here I can save some (I trust there will be countless numbers) from an untimely death that their mouths may continue longer to praise our matchless Redeemer and show forth His deliverance, then the years of study and research, time, suffering and cost will be well worth it all.

      Apart from the Holy Scriptures, I suppose there is no book written that you and I agree with fully. (But, reader, if you doubt Holy Writ, this volume will hold little for you, since it is based on the Eternal Word.) It is so natural for us to have deep prejudices that are not easily erased. We may heatedly contend that these are strong convictions on our part; however, in a transparent examination of our beliefs in the light of eternal truth, we many times find them colored with dark conclusions of bias and prejudice. These preconceived concepts and dyed-in-the-wool “I’m right; I won’t change” ideas, often blind us and close our minds to new truths that would transform our stagnant lives into fountains of blessing and our wilderness into gardens of Eden. May our Lord give us cool eyes and His guiding Spirit of truth to lead us into a knowledge of the whole counsel of God.

      Since the Creator of the universe needs no letters of recommendation from us, or any supporting data to back His claims, therefore, the scientific information, the facts, the figures and other such findings from great universities are included in the book merely as illustrations and explanations, not as proof or evidence.

      In the book of Job, after all the wide discussion of tragedies and joys of life by those who were considered the wise men of that day, we read, “The Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Who laid the cornerstone…who shut up the sea with doors [when He said, “Hitherto shalt thou come but no further and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.”]…who provides food for the raven,” etc.? In chapters 38 through 41, scores of questions are asked that man cannot answer. In chapter 42 Job comes to the conclusion that God is the maker and doer of all things…”That they may know from the rising of the sun and from the west that there is none beside me, I am the Lord and there is none else” (Isaiah 45:6).

      Another important introductory word: This is one volume that must be read carefully from the beginning to end, in order to get the undistorted picture. Do not draw conclusions at the close of any one paragraph or chapter. Please do not play leap frog or take a passage out of its context which does not do justice to yourself or to the book. Read it in its entirety before drawing a final conclusion.

      NOTE: We will repeat certain principles and facts throughout the book that we feel are essential to the immediate subject matter. This is not “vain repetition.” This is done deliberately to drive home the importance of these various truths in their different relationships.

      I sincerely pray that the Spirit of God will make this book a blessing to you, and I humbly and reverently add, “Blessed is he that readeth.”


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