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Being a Graceful Christian
John S. Torell

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The Bible teaches us that God is love and in him there is no darkness. The Devil is the complete opposite, as he is total darkness, evil, and depravity.

Satan's purpose is to break the Christian, have them curse God and blame Him for the destruction in their lives, and so when evil befalls them, many Christians become bewildered, confused and blame God for their woes. This is exactly the effect that Satan and his demons want to create, giving them a chance to place a seed of Satan’s nature in the Christian.

The first fruits of the Devil that will manifest in the wounded Christian are bitterness, anger, resentment, and hate! If this spiritual infection is not cleared up quickly, chronic spiritual sickness will develop, followed by a loss of love for the Lord. This bondage will eventually lead to physical sickness.

Many Christians live in denial and are phony in their responses to those who have hurt them. They don't want to tell the truth to those whom they have been hurt by, as a result, they will continue to hold onto their old grudges and never resolve them.

It is impossible to pray for someone with whom you are angry!

Are you a graceful believer in Christ or have you developed unforgiveness that is making you into a bitter, angry resentful person?

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