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9 July 2000
During the 3.5 years that Jesus walked on earth with his disciples, they experienced miracles, healings and the casting out of demons. One day Jesus spoke about the Holy Spirit - John 7:37-39

Then came the crucifixion and they all scattered - Matthew 26:52-56

For three days his disciples lived in darkness and fear - then came the Resurrection - Luke 24:1-39

For the next 40 days Jesus walked with his disciples and gave them additional teaching - Acts 1:1-3

On the day Jesus was leaving for heaven, he gave them a final instruction about the Holy Spirit, but they did not understand - Acts 1:4-8

Then he ascended up into heaven - Acts 1:9-11

Returning back to Jerusalem, they must have been downcast.  Jesus was gone and they had no more power now than before. The 120 gathered in the upper room and tried to do some business which did not amount to a whole lot - Acts 1:13-26


The supernatural power of God was unleashed in full force; it penetrated them, it changed them, it charged them and they were propelled into action - Acts 2:5-19

From being fearful - they became bold

From  thinking in human terms - they started to think with the mind of Christ

The result was the conversion of 3000 men in one day, including baptizing them in water - Acts 2:37-43

The Church of Jesus Christ was born in fire - Acts 2:44-47

Boldness became the norm of the day - Acts 3:1-16

No more compromise - Acts 4:1-34

This is the hour for the believers making up Resurrection Life of Jesus Church to have our own Pentecost as a church - Luke 11:9-13

America is not going to be saved by some clever working of people, it will only come through the fire from heaven, which is prayed down. 1 Kings 18:19-46

Currently, as a church, we have been focusing on our own internal problems and our problems as individuals. There is always going to be some kind of upheaval, someone is always going to be offended, married couples are always going to have some kind of a crisis. Let us arise above the fray of the day and touch the throne of God.

Hebrews 11:8-16

Do you have an ear with which to hear ?



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