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June 12, 1999

Very few people have the stamina to finish a project that will last for a long time. Once a person becomes a Christian, God gives him a project that will take the rest of his life to finish. Most Christians burn out after a few years and will never finish the task that God has given them. Matt.13:1O-23

When Jesus was walking on the earth some 2000 years ago, his disciples expected him to set up the kingdom at that time. Matt,24:1-4; Acts 1:6

The apostle Paul believed in the beginning of his life, that the return of Jesus was imminent. 1 Cor.7:25-40

The apostle Peter did not start writing down anything until the very end of his life, because he could not see any use of written instructions, since he was expecting Jesus to come back in his life time. 2 Peter 1:1-21

The apostle Peter addressed the difficult subject how to balance the act of living in this world and being active in worldly business, and at the same time be expecting Jesus to come back any time. 2 Peter 3:1-18

Jesus has given us a clear command - OCCUPY TILL I COME! Luke 19:11-27

The Catholic churches, the Roman, the Greek Orthodox and the Russian Orthodox, have amassed great fortunes of gold and silver and built cathedrals.

The evangelical revivalists through the centuries invested there time and finance to reach new disciples and educate them in the Christian faith. 1 Peter 2.1-10


1. Stir up the gift of God-2 Tim.1:1-18
2. Be strong in the Grace of God - chapter two
3. Beware, evil times are coming - chapter three
4. Watch and preach the word in season and out of season - chapter four
The Bible tells us that a thousand years is like one day with the Lord 2 Pet.3:8

During the first day, it began with Adam and ended with Lamech
Day two began with Noah and ended with Abraham
Day three began with Isaac and ended with Moses
Day four began with King Saul and ended with Jesus
Day five began with the apostolic church and ended with the apostate Roman church.
Day six continued with an apostate church and in the middle of that day Martin Luther was raised up by God. One hour after Martin Luther, man discovered electricity. The rest of the sixth day is known for revivals, mission work and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. During the late afternoon of the sixth day man rose from an agrarian society to a high tech society.
Seven years ago we entered into the Seventh Day of the Lord.



I have designated the creation of Adam to year zero. BC
At the age of 130 Adam begat Seth. Adam died in year 930 BC
Seth was born in 130 BC, in 235 BC he begat Enos. Seth died in 1042 BC
Enos was born in 235 BC. In 325 BC he begat Cainan. Enos died in 1140 BC
Cainan was born in 325 BC. In 395 BC he begat Mahalaleel, Cainan died in 1236 BC
Mahalaleel was born in 395 BC. In 460 BC he begat Jared. Mahalaleel died in 1290 BC
Jared was born in 460 BC. In 622 BC he begat Enoch. Jared died in 1422 BC
Enoch was born in 622 BC. In 887 BC he begat Methuselah. Enoch translated in 987 BC
Methuselah was born in 687 BC. In 874 BC he begat Lamech. Methuselah died in 1541 BC
Lamech was born in 874 BC. In 1058 BC he begat Noah. Lamech died in 1651 BC
Noah was born in 1058 BC. In 1558 BC he begat Shem, Ham and Japheth. Noah died in 2006 BC
The flood took place in the year 1676 BC, 25 years after the last Adamic patriarch Lamech died.
Shem was born in 1556 BC and died in 2158 BC
Arphaxad wasborn in 1656 BC and died in 2094 BC
Salsh was born in 1691 BC and died in 2124 BC
Eber was born in 1721 BC and died in 2185 BC
Peleg was born in 1764 BC and died in 2003 BC
Rehu was born in 1794 BC and died in 2033 BC
Serug was born in 1828 BC and died in 2056 BC
Nahor was born In 1856 BC and died in 2004 BC
Terah was born in 1885 BC and died in 2090 BC
Abraham was born in 1955 BC and died in 2130 BC
Note: Noah was still alive when Abraham was born and died when Abraham was 51 years old. Shem, the son of Noah died 26 years after Abraham died. The entire blood line of Shem were still alive, when Abraham was born.

Once we see this chart laid out, it should become very clear to the Christian that the Bible is very accurate. With Noah born only 126 years after the death of Adam, and Seth alive until 14 years before the birth of Noah, we can see that the passing of information from one generation to the next had plenty of time, and that each generation had a full knowledge of God, that did not begin to deteriorate until the birth of Abraham, The Bible does tell us, that the household of Laban had images of house gods, that Rachael brought with her, when Jacob left the home of Laban.

Isaac born 2055 BC, Jacob born 2096 BC, Joseph born 2247 BC, Moses born 2596 BC
King Saul born around 3111 BC, King David born around 3130 BC
King Solomon born around 3170 BC, Isaiah born around 3350 BC, Jeremiah born around 3470 BC
Malachi born around 3667 BC, Jesus born around 4116
1999 is actually year 6122. We are now in the seventh day of God.

Note: Electricity was discovered 1663 AD during day six. It has been with us for 338 years.


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